To purchase from us you agree to our Terms Of Use and conditions.


You may not resell, redistribute or share our designs, templates, and files in whole or in part for any reason. You may not claim our designs as your own. Files are intended for use as marketing materials for photography studios or small businesses, or for your own personal use. Our designs may not be posted for sale as a template, included in or as stand-alone products. This includes extracting parts of our designs and including them in projects of your own. For photographers, our products are intended to be used as designed and provided as a flattened file to your client with their images included. For personal use, a one-time purpose (party invite, yearbook or memory ad, poster, etc.)  Photographers, you may post examples of your work on your website as finished flattened files at 72 ppi. If you have questions about our terms of use, please do not hesitate to ask.


All templates and graphics files are designed in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Our DIY, downloadable templates are designed for Professional Photographers and experienced Photoshop users. These templates are compatible with Photoshop PS3 and later editions as well as Photoshop Elements. Files contain clipping masks and are layered PSD files requiring advanced Photoshop skills.  Not all elements in downloadable designs are changeable or layered. Most downloadable designs allow customization by changing color, font, and text. Basic knowledge of Photoshop is required for this level of use.


“Already Designed” projects are intended for a quick turnaround.  We personalize them for you by adding your images, text or color changes. Layout and designs are not changeable and are prepared as seen in the design preview. Changes other than color or fonts require a custom design upgrade. Our Already Designed projects are delivered as a downloadable high-resolution .jpg file.

Custom designed projects (Custom Designs) are for those looking for something unique, extra special or adding/changing our Already Designed selections.  Custom designs are delivered as a downloadable high-resolution .jpg file.

Please note that you are paying for our creative services and time spent designing and customizing for you.  We are not selling or claiming ownership over the some of the graphics used in our designs.


Please be aware that any photographs that have been taken by a professional photographer are copyright protected. This applies in all circumstances unless you have purchased or been given the written reproduction rights by your photographer. By sending your photos to us to include in your designs, you are stating that you are the photographer or you have full and legal rights to use the images from your photographer. Under no circumstances will we be held accountable or liable for your misuse of copyrighted images. By purchasing our designs, you agree to be held accountable for any legal considerations due to your misuse/use of images.


Proofing or Proofreading Services are not included or available for any of our designs or services.  For text that you provide, we cut and paste your words into the project. Please be sure that you have fully reviewed and proofed all wording that is included in your order. This includes all text that is pre-filled in our displayed templates. We are not responsible for errors, omissions, mistakes or typos in any of our designs or projects. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to review and proof the materials prior to finalization.


It is important you understand that display color will vary slightly from monitor to monitor. We do calibrate our monitors regularly to ensure color on our end.


We are not responsible for printing errors created by misuse or misunderstanding of how to use our templates.  Additionally, we are not responsible for your finalized files that you submit to your print lab. This includes color, bleeds, trim lines and text.  If bleed is required it must be requested when placing your initial order.  Be sure to check and double check all printing needs before submitting your order to us and when submitting to your printer.


We deliver our files via a secure site, downloadable link. Due to space limitations & cost, all projects and download links are deleted after 1 week.  If you need a recreation of your link or file after the initial placement, you will need to purchase a new order as we do not retain your file.  See  “BACK-UP” below for file protection.


Be sure to back up your file. We are unable to provide back-up or recreations of lost, damaged or corrupt files caused by the purchaser.


Due to copyright and licensing restrictions, fonts are NOT included or sold with our projects.


The photography contained in our gallery product examples the exclusive property of Black Eyed Susan Photography, Inc. and are copyrighted.  Image files are not included with our DIY downloads.