Senior year is always a busy time.  With expectations to make this their best year ever, deadlines to meet, anxiety about heading off to college, homecoming, prom and of course, the “big” day – graduation!  For many students and parents, it will feel as if this moment came sooner than they expected.

One thing we hear frequently, “my son/daughter’s yearbook ad is due next week and I haven’t had time to work on it”.  The best of intentions always seem to end up getting put on the back burner.  Then, before you know it, the deadline has arrived or worse yet, passed. It’s not unusual for our studio to get panic, even tearful calls from parents agonizing over waiting to the very last moment.  The sad part, missing deadline ends up resulting in costing more money with having to pay rush costs, or lost money for missing the due date and a disappointed student.

We would like help to reduce the stress, with some ways to help you plan ahead.  Of course, this is directed towards families who are intending to purchase space for a back of the book yearbook or tribute ad.  Here’s what we’ve found helps for a great ad and ad designing experience:

  • During your student’s Junior year, research the current year’s costs, deadlines, and guidelines for ad submission.
    • Knowing the approximate cost and current years deadline will help you plan accordingly and stick within your budget.
      • Many families do not realize the expense of a full page, half page or quarter page tribute ad.  Yearbook space and design costs.
      • Not waiting until senior year will help you prepare financially, and plans to purchase the size you want for your student’s tribute.
  • Identify your favorite images — In Advance.
    • Dig out baby photos, go through all your image files, phone & computer and put them in one place.
    • Build a Pinterest board and pin yearbook ad ideas.  You can keep the board private if you don’t want to share your ideas.
      • We LOVE Pinterest.  It’s a great place to neatly tuck all your likes and ideas into one place.
      • If you are having an ad designed, share your board with your designer.  It will help them identify your style and tastes.
  • Determine in advance how you will prepare the ad. Are going to have it designed for you or if you will DIY (Do It Yourself).
    • Will you pay a designer? Purchase an already designed template? Design your own?
    • Preparing in advance will be a good portion of the battle won.
    • Etsy is a great source for custom designs and downloadable options.
  • Make sure to include recent photographs.  Junior year is when most students plan for their senior photos.
    • Yearbook ads look amazing with a larger feature image and several recent smaller images.
    • Planning on a professional senior capture session?  Be sure to get a release or permission to use your professional images in your ad.

Hopefully, we’ve touched on a few ideas to assist you in creating a “stress-free” Senior Yearbook Ad for your grad.

Of course, it goes without saying, we would be honored to assist you in any way possible.