Our First Designs that Launched our Etsy Store in 2013                                


Welcome to the official launch of our new site SuziBee Designs by Black Eyed Susan Photography

After many years of designing beautiful albums, books, and keepsakes for our photography clients, our design brand, SuziBee, was born.  In Spring 2013 our Etsy Store, SuziBeeDesigns opened with just one product feature, facebook timelines — which is displayed above.

It wasn’t long after —  our already designed yearbook ad templates were added.  It was a unique offering at that time and not many other stores were offering similar products.  Since photographing High School Seniors were our specialty, we slid right into designing their yearbook and program ads. This was the perfect offering for busy families who wanted something extra special to celebrate and commemorate their student’s senior year.  The basic designs grew into including Custom Designs & downloadable templates for Photographers and Photoshop users. We still enjoy great success with this product and our SuziBee brand continued to grow rapidly.

Christmas of 2014, our youngest daughter got engaged and a wedding was being planned. She and her future husband are avid gamers. Both fans of the popular Nintendo gaming series The Legend of Zelda.  She wanted to include their passion for the game in her save the dates & invitations. It must be mentioned that when she was little she said she was going to marry Link someday! Jump ahead 20+ years and her husband bears a crazy close similarity to Link.  He does have to “add the ears” extra.  The desire for her wedding was elegant with a subtle touch of Zeldaism. Thanks to daughter Alison for adding our custom design and themed wedding series.  Added to the product family in early 2015 a complete line starting with engagement all the way through to thank you notes are part of the offering.

This year 2017, would have been both Mom and Dad’s 90th birthdays.  While they are celebrating together in heaven, the stirring of something special needed to be created to honor them both.  Our “Year You Were Born” and “Year You Were Married” Chalkboard Posters & Keepsakes have taken the business by storm.

We are so incredibly thankful and feel so blessed to be where we are today.  Continuing growing forward, the launch of our own exclusive site has become a reality.  We hope you enjoy our offerings and find something that is a perfect match for your needs.